The Mikes Are On Record Their Last Polka Show Broadcast

Fans! We regret to announce that after 8 years of music, laughter, madness, mayhem and shameless self-promotion, the MIKES ARE ON SHOW has recorded our last show. We cannot thank you enough for all the support you have given us. We love when people come up to us at live events and tell us about your favorite Mikes Are On moments and characters. We will miss it greatly.

That being said… be sure to catch our final episode.. our SERIES FINALE. You will not want to miss this extraordinary event! Check out for the usual air times. If you miss it… check out archived shows at The final episode will be posted there once it is finished airing on 247 the next two weeks.

Thank you again! We love you… enjoy our unique final show! Please feel free to post your comments.


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