Promoting Your Band or Events

Today, there are a multitude of promotional devices available to bands and promoters. Unfortunately, many don’t know how or are unwilling to put in the time to promote themselves.  Our suggestions are not the only possibilities, but are intended to bring awareness of some of the free marketing vehicles available.

  1. Web Site – A web site is probably the easiest way to find a band or promoter. While Facebook has its advantages, it is only available to those polka fans who use it.  Simple and inexpensive web sites can be created at,, or Polka Concerts is hosted on GoDaddy and we installed the free WordPress application for our setup and management tool. Using WordPress allows for online web site setup, without any software packages to purchase or having to upload to the site. While there is a cost, web hosting starts as low as $50.00 per year.  The single most important thing to add to your web site is your schedule of dances and events.  This allows your fans to easily see when and where your next event is held.  Don’t forget to exchange links with other web sites.
  2. Facebook – Awesome tool for a variety of reasons.  First of all it’s FREE.  If you already have a personal Facebook account you SHOULD create a Facebook Page for your band or promotional company. People and Groups CAN’T be “Liked” on Facebook, but Pages can.  Use the “Events” feature in Facebook.  This is a FREE band/dance schedule.  It is astounding how few businesses use this important marketing feature.  Once you’ve established a following, your fans will instantly know when you’ve created a new event and can reference your page for upcoming activities. Don’t forget to upload photos of the band and fans enjoying the event. If you are so inclined, you can utilize Facebook’s paid demographic advertising feature.  For a controlled price, you can boost the visibility of a certain post to reach new potential fans.
  3. Other Promoters – There are a number of promoters who have been offering to list dances and events for free.  Felix & Stella Sobecki have been publishing band schedules for many years at Another page is, where you can discuss anything relating to polkas.  You are welcome to use with a free searchable dance listing and our Facebook Group for your advertising, as well.
  4. DJ’s & IJ’s – Seems simple enough, but how many bands or promoters are using the radio to advertise dances?  It is important to get the information to the DL/IJ in a timely fashion.  Contacting them weeks or months ahead of the dance is prudent.  Sending the information, to be broadcast the day of the event, isn’t very practical.
  5. Media Releases – There are a number of possible news writers in the polka field, but none as generous towards bands and promotion, as Steve Litwin (  Steve has always been willing to write a press release for a new album or CD or to announce an upcoming event.  But if you want professional results, you must get the information to him in a timely manner and have complete details of your offering.
  6. Creating and Marketing Your Brand – Here is an interesting blog about creating a “brand” for your band: How To “Make It” In Music, Just like I Never Did

We hope you find these ideas informative and helpful.  Good luck in the promotion of your organization.

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