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We created this site to give band leaders and promoters a place to list their polka events in one central database. It also gives polka fans a single source for locating events in their area. One of the key features is the ability to search the calendar by state, city, band or keywords. In addition, we’ve setup areas for polka bands, polka links, Polish lyrics, polka news and live polka recordings.

We hope polka enthusiasts with find this site useful for the promotion of polka music. Please, pass the word, promote the site, add a link to your web site and “Like” us on Facebook. Best of all…..the site is free for everyone!

Contact us: info@polkaconcerts.com

Despite the costs of hosting and maintaining this site, we want to keep it free for polka fans, bandleaders and promoters. Our only source of reimbursement comes from users clicking on display ads, at pennies a click. If you are feeling generous, please donate to the maintenance and upkeep of our site!

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