Jeff Mleczko Update 2/14/2016

Happy Valentines, everyone!

Bob was able to visit Jeff on Saturday, and the news continues to be very encouraging…The Therapists consistently see improvements in Jeff’s motor skills, coordination and speech. He is able to shower and get dressed by himself and walk up and down stairs with some assistance. He continues to gain more control of his speech. He is still talking a bit softly, but it’s MUCH stronger than it was just 3 weeks ago. In fact, the improvements have been dramatic enough that the Therapists have approved In-Home Therapy for another month!

Connie, Jeff’s Mother, wants to again THANK EVERYONE for the love and support shown. She mentioned that Jeff continues to receive many cards in the mail–including 6 more on Friday! Jeff is able to open and read them–by himself! Additionally, Jeff is able to understand many concepts that people try to communicate to him! It’s very evident that his mind continues to “connect” the pieces together.

Within the past week, his parents took him to see Star Wars! He said the movie was, “GREAT!” They also took him to a restaurant where he ordered a greasy hamburger and fries. Jeff said it was the the best food he’s had in a LONG time while his mother was cringing that it wasn’t totally organic and wholesome! Back to the soup & vitamins, Jeff… 🙁 LOL

At this point, he’s down to 234lbs. They’re not sure where his “target” weight should be, but his other vitals, i.e., Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood Glucose levels continue to look VERY good. Overall, he’s VERY healthy!

Hopefully, he can make it to the March dance in Wyandotte–even if it’s for just an appearance. It’s still too early to tell as his mother wants to insure it will not be too overwhelming for him. With God’s grace it will happen. Let’s ALL pray that we can get to that point, everyone. KEEP THE FAITH!

Becky Knieper-Naessens

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