Rose Colored Glasses Polka

Rose Colored Glasses (polka)

(L. Gomulka words & music)

He wore Rose colored glasses and sported a beard,
dressed in flashy colors, wherever he appeared,
His voice was strong & clear, His influence unique,
A knack for pleasing people, his character was meek,
He wrote hit after hit, and set the standards high,
He’d sing and make ya happy or sing and make you cry,
His accolades were many, His legacy lives on,
We sure miss you brother, and can’t believe you’re gone.

That’s how I picture, That friend of mine,
Up on the bandstand, Most of the time,
He loved his music, He loved his friends,
If just to meet him one more time again,
If just to meet him one more time again.

Now we each can envision, our friend much well-known,
But your visions may differ, slightly from my own,
Popular for decades, While traveling around,
Touching many hearts, In cities and small towns,
He wore Rose colored glasses but just for awhile,
Dressed in flashy colors and always wore a smile,
A talent that was huge, A legend in his time
I still get that chill running up and down my spine.

“Save the Music” CD by Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push

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