Always Be A Gentleman (polka)

Always Be A Gentleman (polka)

(L. Gomulka words & music)

Had a talk with someone near to me,
A little boy that’s very dear to me,
In first grade with questions about school,
What’s a lie and what’s the golden rule,
Thought a while to fervently expound,
Then I explained as well as I knew how,
Make the world a better place to be,
With respect, peace and honesty.

(and) Always, always be a gentleman,
Always be sincere, kind and genuine,
Always do onto others as you’d like done to yourself,
That’s the mark of a perfect Gentleman.

As we talked I set the record straight,
How to get along and concentrate,
On being nice and being quite polite,
Do what’s right and stay away from fights,
Well my son he’s only 6 years old,
I try to teach him everything I know,
Be a man and hold your head up high,
Then I said while looking in his eyes.

“Save the Music” CD by Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push

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