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We created this site to offer a variety of traditional polka style T-Shirts, as well as some not-so-traditional and off the wall styles. Please, browse our site. We hope you will find something that catches your eye. If you have a design idea and would like to share with us, check out our FAQ section for the design specifications or email us your ideas. We’ll do our best to create something that works for you.

We welcome your feedback.

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(Q) I’ve noticed that some shirts show other styles like Ladies, V-Neck, Hooded Pullover, etc. and other shirts only show the Standard option. What gives?

(A) Not all styles are available in every color, but all styles are available in white or black. If you want to see other styles, first select white or black as the color, select the style and the color options for that style will appear. We wanted to make the site colorful, so we uploaded the items with various colors. Unfortunately, this makes it appear that a particular shirt is only available in one style.

(Q) What brand of shirts do you use?

(A) Our wholesaler currently uses AlStyle and Gildan brand of t-shirts for our order fulfillment. We use styles AlStyle 1301, 1302, 1309, 1901, 3381, 5301, Gilden 5000L, Fruit of the Loom, and others. For more information about the brands, see their website at http://www.alstyle.com and http://www.gildan.com

(Q) Do you print custom designs that we’ve created?

(A) Yes. If you have artwork, we can upload it and make your design available for print on our shirts. Keep in mind, we have a variety of colors and some designs don’t work well with certain colors. In that case, we can make your design only available on certain colors and you have the option of creating a second design with colors that work with colors that won’t look good on the first design.

(Q) Are there specific requirements for submitting artwork?

(A) There is a maximum size of 11 inches x 15 inches or 2,200 pixels x 3000 pixels with a DPI of 200 to 300 and a maximum size of 10 megabytes.

(Q) Can you design artwork for us?

(A) We will try to create your design suggestions, but can’t guarantee we will capture exactly what you have in mind. 


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