Kris and the Riverbend Dutchmen operate out of Mankato, Minnesota and accept bookings and engagements all over the Upper Mid-West.

The Riverbend Dutchmen play the unique “Dutchmen” style of Old-Time Music made famous by the bands from New Ulm, Minnesota. The band typically travels as a 5 or 6 piece band for most engagements, but has the capability to expand the instrumentation for larger venues. The band plays an upbeat tempo enjoyed by old and young alike!

The Dutchmen style of Old Time Music is rooted in deep German traditions, but we play our share of Czech, Bohemian, and Slovenian styles of music as well.

The band was started in 2010 by Kris Keltgen, a concertina player from Mankato, Minnesota. Kris began performing with his uncle’s band at age five. In addition to playing the concertina, Kris has played the drums and keyboard as well as lead vocals. Since that time, Kris has performed in countless locations and venues across the Upper Mid-West. Kris has previously played with the Plum Crazy and Double Shot Bands before forming the Riverbend Dutchmen. Kris plays a Bb and C Hengel Concertina (Woody and Tina)!

Band members include: Crystal Malek, John Henle, Bill Bardon, Rick Keane, Jerry Minar, and the band is often joined by Karl Hartwich and Steve Moran.

The Riverbend Dutchmen commonly play for ballroom dances, festivals, Oktoberfests, weddings, anniversaries, private parties, and celebrations.


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