Chivaree on Park – located in Ixonia at N8345 Park Street – occupies the former Ixonia Fireman’s Hall building. The volunteers, and the hall they built in 1949, is a part of Ixonia family history. For nearly seventy years, the building was enjoyed by volunteer firefighters and has played host to Sunday polka dances and generations of weddings.

Today, the historic event hall is home to Chivaree on Park. Held in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, mock serenades – Chivarees [shiv-uh-ree] were noisy serenades (made by banging pans and kettles) given for a newly married couple. The new name for the venue was selected by Chivaree on Park’s founder to honor the halls roots of celebration.

Paying  homage to the halls historic past, the hall’s 2018 redesign preserved many of the 1940’s vintage details that upheld its nostalgic allure, including the iconic built-in-stage, exposed, high beam ceilings, seventy-year-old industrial sconces and original maple dance floor.

Chivaree on Park officially opened October 13, 2018. The iconic venue, beautifully restored to its original grandeur, and reinvented with a contemporary design. The stunning blend of industrial and vintage-glam design elements create a unique and elegant atmosphere.

We are honored to continue as venue home to Sunday polka dances!


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