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THE BEST OF DICK PILLAR – Volume 1 Recording #734
CD $15.00, Add $4.75 S&H

Go back to the fabulous era when the dance floors were overflowing with couples bouncing and swinging to the “Eastern Sound” and Dick Pillar’s very first album “Raise the Roof”.

The 1970’s were abundant with summer festivals and we are brought back to that glorious time with Dick Pillar’s release celebrating his 1974 induction into the International Polka Association “Polka Music Hall of Fame”.

From 1980 on to the present, more of the popular tunes of the times are featured, in all a compilation of selections spanning decades of music. Also featured on this CD release are three SURPRISE BONUS TRACKS.

Dick Pillar’s musical résumé is jam-packed with the sounds that have entertained thousands of hand-clapping, foot-tapping polka fans across the nation and brought generations together with his lively music.

This release is called “The Best of Dick Pillar”, volume 1, but you can bet there’s much more to come!
The 1960’s Big Band Eastern Sound The 1970’s Pillar Polka Hall of Fame The 1980’s – On to the Present
1. Intro 8. Golden Polka 16. That Is Why Waltz
2. Raise The Roof Polka 9. Apples Peaches Pumpkin Peanuts Polka 17. Polka Fun Polka
3. Bonanza Polka 10. Polkabration Polka 18. No Problem Polka
4. Puka Jasiu Polka 11. Lover Oh Lover Polka 19. Hop Scotch Polka
5. Steljo Theme Polka 12. Beautiful Brown Eyes Polka 20. Ice Cubes In Beer Polka
6. Grand Time Oberek 13. La Palona Blanca Polka 21. Girls & Boys Polka
7. Sweet Violets Waltz 14. Oj Dana Polka 22. Mulaze Oberek
  15. Orange Blossom Special Polka 23. We Love The Girls Polka
    Bonus Tracks
    24. Christmas Day Polka
    25. Nine Reindeer Polka
    26. Jingle Bells Polka
POLKA MASS and Songs of Inspiration – #728
CD $15.00, Add $4.75 S&H

By popular demand, Steljo Recordings is pleased to release this new CD of the Dick Pillar Orchestra “Polka Mass” which was originally released on LP and Cassette.

In addition to the 13 Polka Mass selections, the Pillar Band has included 8 additional “Songs of Inspiration” from previous Pillar recordings, which over the past years have been added to their Polka Mass performances.

The Dick Pillar Orchestra introduced and performed the first Polka Mass on the East Coast back in 1974 at the Pillar Polkabration, and the band continues to present their version of the Polka Mass to this very day.

Join with us as we give Thanks to The Lord for His gift of music and the inspiration that created this recording.  It is our sincere hope that this recording will bring relief, comfort and enjoyment to all.

1. Alleluia Polka 8. All His Children Waltz 15. Talk To Him Waltz
2. We Gather Together Waltz 9. Old Time Religion Polka 16. Stay In Touch With The World Polka
3. Faith of Our Fathers Waltz 10. How Great Thou Art Hymn 17. Just For Today Waltz
4. Beloved Mother Hymn 11. America 18. Keep On The Sunnyside Polka
5. It Is No Secret Polka 12. Mighty Lord Polka 19. Hymn Waltz
6. Battle Hymn Polka 13. May Good Lord Bless & Keep You Polka 20. One Day At A Time Waltz
7. How Time Flies Waltz 14. Beyond The Sunset Waltz 21. Decided To Follow Jesus Polka
Polkabrate! Recording #735
CD $15.00, Add $4.75 S&H

1. Polka Unity Polka 7. Mountain Climber Polka
2. Come On Everyone Polka 8. She Likes Kielbasa Polka
3. Polkabrate 9.Thank You Dear & Roses Waltz
4. Sad & Lonely Polka 10. While You’re Up Polka
5. Just For Today Waltz 11. Rockin’ Chair Oberek
6. Annie Did It Wrong Polka 12. Sing-A-Long Polka Medley
Polkabration Fun! Recording #736
CD $15.00, Add $4.75 S&H

1. Tuba Polka 7. Dance Dance Dance Polka
2. Keep On The Sunnyside Polka 8. Solidarity Polka
3. Strolling In The Forest Polka 9.Green Garden Oberek
4. Every Town (Friends In) Polka 10. Popcorn Polka
5. Fiddlin’ Around Polka 11. Pee Yah Ket Polka
6. Salute To America Polka 12. Memory
Everybody Polka Recording #737
CD $15.00, Add $4.75 S&H

This release is a reflection of 40 years of entertainment through the eyes and heart of one of the industry’s most talented performers. It’s a compilation of the music that’s brought thousands of polka fans to their feet over the past 40 years, bringing you Dick Pillar and his Polkabration Band, the dedication of a lifetime, from the depths of his soul.
1. Who’s Gonna Dance the Polka 8. They Go Wild Polka 15.Our Wedding Day Waltz
2. Ta Ra Ra Polka 9. Joanne Oberek 16. Blue Skirt Polka
3.Ping Pong Polka 10. I Have Decided To Follow Jesus Polka 17. Oj Oj Oj Polka
4. Accordion Polka 11.Everybody Polka 18. Humpty Dumpty Polka
5. Hymne Waltz 12. Sweetheart Polka 19.Trumpeter’s Oberek
6. Happy Man Polka 13. Whoop! Polka 20. Take Me Baby Polka
7. Polka Pose Polka 14. Potato Chip Polka  
The Best of Steljo, Volume One Recording #738
CD $15.00, Add $4.75 S&H

Many selections date back to the 1960’s,’70s, and ‘80s, and the original masters have been edited in the current digital style on cassette and CD recordings. No polka music collection will be complete without the wonderful selections and classic polka hits presented in this exclusive BEST OF STELJO, Volume One.

Enjoy the great sounds of the following bands…
1. We Share Polka Music – Dick Pillar 10. Pizzicato Polka – Golden Brass
2. Ballroom Polka – Ray Henry 11. Are You the One Polka – Heavy Chicago
3. Let the Sun Shine In Polka – Golden Brass 12. Wedding Memory Waltz – Krew Bros.
4. Don’t Bother Me Polka – Krew Bros. 13. Play Violins Play Polka – Ray Henry
5. Happy Times Polka – Heavy Chicago 14. Beat the Rush Polka – Lenny Gomulka
6. Polka Rockin’ Weekend – Lenny Gomulka 15. Billy’s Mule Polka – Jolly Rich
7. Polish Medley Waltz – Jolly Rich 16. Rym Cym Cym Polka – Sound-A-Abouts
8. Laleczka Polka – Sound-A-Abouts 17. Jolly Cabalero Polka – Joe Pasieka
9. USA Oberek – Joe Pasieka 18. Connecticut Bands Polka – Dick Pillar
The Best of Steljo, Volume Two Recording #739
CD $15.00, Add $4.75 S&H

A great 2 album set featuring the Ray Henry Orchestra, “Ray’s Polka Scrapbook” and “Better Than Ever” on 1 CD! The original masters have been edited in the current digital style on a CD recording. Seven* vocals by Eddie Skinger. Presented Exclusively by STEJO RECORDS in the BEST OF STELJO, Volume Two.
1. Golden Gate Polka 9. Everlasting Love Waltz 17. Take Your Time Oberek
2. Ballroom Polka 10. Up, Down Around Polka 18. My Son Waltz
3. Happy Guy Polka 11. Hoedown Polka 19. Russian Horse Polka
4. Kitten Oberek 12. Ticklish Willie Oberek 20. Special Girl Polka
5. Clap Hands Polka 13. Play Violins Play Polka 21. Smack It Polka
6. Silk Handkerchief Polka 14. Pennies Polka 22. Politics Polka
7. Polka 21 15. Who’s There Polka 23. Bust The Bubble Polka
8. Military Polka 16. Moonshot Polka 24. Ballroom Polka
The Golden Brass Recording #718
CD $15.00, Add $4.75 S&H

Presenting the excellent musical sounds on this album are: Mitch Biskup on Bass; Bill Czupta the Arranger, on Lead Accordion; Steve Dudas on Trumpet; Carl Hoynoski on Trumpet; Tom Kostek on rhythm Accordion; Roger Lichwala on Drums; and Ken Morey on Piano. Bill and Carl are also featured on the vocals.

This album, under the Production and Direction of Dick Pillar, has succeeded in capturing the thrill and excitement of the Golden Brass. Nothing else need be said – simply “Let The Sun Shine In” – by listening to the music of the Golden Brass Orchestra!
1. Let the Sun Shine in Polka Polka 7. Helena Polka
2. Around the Stove Polka 8. Broken Hearts Polka
3. Pizzicato Polka 9. My Pidgeons Polka
4. Hey Mountaineers Oberek 10. Green Bridge Polka
5. Weselno Polka 11. Yes or Not Polka
6. San Antonio Polka 12. Ozzie’s Polka
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DVD/Video $20.00, Add $4.75 S&H
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