Linda March Malachin Is Back On The Air!!!

I know you all have seen this one before! So humor me…

10945582_10205297289579077_339898815037957911_nMy dad was the reason there was a “Polka” Linda and Ed March on the show “Saturday Morning Polkas” on WZIP, 88.1 fm, back in 1978. We retired in 2003 after 25 years of this labor of love (volunteering our time). This Saturday, November 21, I will be sitting in my chair behind the microphone at WZIP at 8 a.m. doing my “Polka” Linda thing again. smile emoticon Please join me if you can, if you want to! Tell your friends near and far (listen on I promise you will have a great time! Thanks to the folks at WZIP, (Matt) for asking me back for a stint. I’m ready, excited and looking forward to four hours of fun and music.

Linda March Malachin

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